Our Pricing

Artists Get 2 Year Music Distribution For ONLY

Our price is $49.95 for 2 years Digital Distribution.

$ 49.95
  • 100% Publishing Fees
  • 95% Royalties Fees
  • 6 Month Sales Report
  • 99.9 % AIR PLAY
  • Promotion & Marketing


If your Music is selected for Digital Distribution and AirPlay Please make sure you send in your CD Cover. No Music will be Distribute without the Proper Artwork. Check your Music Sales every 6 months on the 1st of July and the 1st of January . Your Royalties Fees will be deposit into your checking account the 15th of Jan. and the 15th of July. Xm7Digital will deduct 5 % Royalty Fees (Distribution Fees) from your total 6 months sale. We Strongly encourage you to Promote and Advertise at xm7ditigalsales.com. SELECT your Ad Spot and Promote Your Music! Plus, Please Promote through All Social Media Outlets, Venues, Radio, ect; It’s Your Music, Your Career, and YOUR DREAMS!

* Please Read the Agreement. If you agree to submit your Music. We will evaluate your Songs and inform you if your Music is Eligible for Digital Music Distribution and AirPlay within 7-14days.We Welcome Pop, Hip Hop, Country, R&B, Gospel, Blues, and Jazz. 

We @ Xm7Digital Request to Distribute Music that is Commercially Sound for our Digital Radio Station. We seek to help Artists to find their Market and to help increase their Music Sale. However, XM7DIGITAL will Analyze and Critique the Best Songs for Distribution and AirPlay. Therefore, we strive to Maximize every Artist Potential in the Music Industry.
Send Music in mp3 form to info@xm7d.com for Review.